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   Summer Hiking...

This page contains images from our early Summer treks in and around the Boulder area. All of these images are basically from the month of June. There are a lot of them -- that's what happens when you purchase a new digital SLR and live in a new and picturesque state.

These are images from the day we went to the Boulder Creek Festival which featured entertainment, rides, art, food and the usual festival fare. After visiting the festival, we drove up Flagstaff Mountain for some nice views of the Front Range.

Ethan on a Fire Engine

Doing Crafts at the Festival

Brendan in the Saddle

Grandma Gil and Ethan - Flagstaff Summit

Indian Peaks from Flagstaff Summit

Panoromaic View from Flagstaff Summit (Click for Panorama)

Here are a few pictures from a Sunday hike up Chautauqua Trail. Chautauqua Park is located at the end of Baseline Road right near the heart of town in Boulder. The Chautauqua society was founded in 1874 and before TV and radio brought culture to local people in the form of oraters, lecturers, theater and music. At its height there were 12,000 chapters, now only three remain and Boulder has one of them. Its a testament to the community's commitment to preserving culture.
The Chautauqua trail takes you to the base of the Flatirons in front of Green Mountain which Boulder nestles up against. The Flatirons are huge 280 million year old monolithic sandstone uplifts that look like they were pushed up out the earth like in one of those science fiction movie scenes. The Flatirons are ubiquitous in Boulder, they are prominent and can be seen from almost any part of the city. They are THE symbol of Boulder, they are on everything; car dealership logos, business logos, local beer bottles, etc.

Chautauqua Park, Boulder

Chautauqua Park

Starting Chautauqua Trail

Posing with the Flatirons

Ethan and Brendan

Halfway up in front of First Flatiron

A Colorado Wildflower

Brendan Enjoying the Ride

A View of Three Flatirons

Third Flatiron Edge

Wildflower and Spider


Ethan and Sheila Near the Top

Chautauqua Dining Hall - Built 1898

Our hike was good, we made it pretty close to the base of Flatiron number three before it got too treacherous for my Mom and Ethan. I carried Brendan the whole way, so it was a good workout. After we got back down, we ate a picnic lunch at Chautauqua park. Did I mention perfect weather?
Next are images from a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the premier National Parks in the country with over a quarter of a million acres and containing over 60 mountain peaks over 12,000 feet, hundreds of miles of trails and spectacular scenery. We entered via the Fall River Entrance just west of the quaint town of Estes Park about a 45 minute drive from Boulder. The highlight of the park, if visiting by car, is Trail Ridge Road, which winds through incredible scenery and attains, at times, a road surface altitude of over 10,000 feet .

Grandpa Gil and Brendan - Estes Park Playground

Fall River Valley Overlook

Fall River Valley Meadow

A Nice shot of Ethan

Meadow near Bear Lake

Grandma - Scenic Overlook

Fallen Logs near Bear Lake

Rocky Mountain Elk

Finally, here are some pictures from our trek in Eldorado Canyon. Eldorado Canyon State Park is about a 5 minute drive from the south west edge of Boulder. It is a hugely popular place to rock climb with over 500 routes ranging in difficulty. There were dozens of people climbing throughout the park. There are also hiking trails (which we did) and a nice picnic area by the South Boulder Creek which cut the canyon over countless eons. In all of the pictures of the canyon walls you can see one or more climbers.

Eldorado Canyon

Random Climber (w/ inset)

More Random Climbers

Spider Man Climber

Ethan and Sheila

Sheila - Eldorado Canyon Trail

Alan and Brendan on Trail

Ethan Near Top of Canyon

Alan - South Boulder Creek


Ethan - South Boulder Creek