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Welcome to my Quotations page. Quotations appeal to me because of the way they concisely articulate a wealth of truth. A great quote is also an insight into the mind of the person who created it, thus encapsulating interesting bits of intellectual and cultural history. Many of these quotations may seem cynical and some perhaps controversial, but their purpose is to make you think about humanity and the world we have created. Of course, my inclusion of a quotation on this page does not imply that I agree with the author.

Quotations by notable writers and thinkers (all originally compiled by Kevin Harris with the exception of Thomas Jefferson):

Quotations by topic:

Miscellaneous Quotations:

Bonus - my .signature collection:

  • .Signatures - Back in the good old days of the internet (the early 1990's) when everyone had text based email tools people used to design creative and often humorous ASCII signatures banners that would be placed at the bottom of an email or newsgroup post. Here is a collection of them for nostalgia's sake.