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  • Philosophy - My thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything. As well as philosophy, various philosophers and historical schools of thought.
  • Recommended Reading - Recommended non-fiction books on the nature of humanity, science, reason and the Universe. Also, recommended classic works of fiction and science fiction.
  • Photography - A brief photography primer evangelising the benefits of an SLR, descriptions and review of my Canon EOS equipment, some of my very amateur photographic experiments and some useful photography links. For now, see my Portrait Photography page.
  • Guitars - Pictures and description of my guitars
  • Bicycles - Pictures and details of our road bikes and mountain bikes
  • Telescopes - A brief telescope primer and buying guide, description and review of my Celestron C5+ telescope and some good telescope/astronomy links.
  • Astrophotography - A brief primer and introduction into astrophotographs. See the current Astrophotopraphy page now.
  • Automobiles - Pictures and reviews of performance automobiles that I have owned.
  • Jet-Skiing - Reviews of the various Kawasaki Jet-skis that I have owned and links to good PWC sites.
  • Miscellaneous - Anything else.