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   More Skiing and Snowboarding 2013-2014

More images from the 2013/2014 ski and snowboarding season including:

Click Here For More Skiing and Snowboarding at Steamboat Springs 

Click Here to See the 2013-2014 Snowsports Highlight Video!!!!

Taos, New Mexico

Brendan and Alan were in Taos, New Mexico for an ice hockey tournament and managed to squeeze in a sunny early season day in later November at the Taos Ski Resort...

Winter Park / Mary Jane

Images from various ski and snowboard days at Winter Park and (mostly) Mary Jane...

Photo of the unknown good person who found and turned in our camera. Thank you!


Copper Mountain

Images from various ski and snowboard days at Copper Mountain, including images from the expansive and spectacular Copper back bowls...

Vail Cascade and Ski Biking

In early March we stayed at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa while skiing over at Copper Mountain where we rented ski bikes one day for a new and fun way to slide down the mountain on snow...

Easter in Winter Park / Fraser

We invited our some friends to Fraser for Easter weekend where we enjoyed each others company in addition to late season skiing and riding...