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   Buff Camp and Baseball...

Pictures early this summer from a University of Colorado Buffaloes three day football camp that the boys attended. It was followed up with a Father and Son mini one day version of the camp which included a tour of the facilities where one learns that money is no object in Division 1 football. Also pictures from Ethan's summer baseball league and his team's visit to Coors Field.

Images from the CU Buff's football camp that boys attended. It was three days of football fun hosted by CU players and coaches. To see what the camp is like check out the cool video on this page. Also Brendan makes a few appearances in this year's day 2 camp video on YouTube (at :34 and again at 1:20).

We also attended a Father and Son version of the camp where, as I mentioned, we got a tour of the CU Athletic facilities and learned what a huge operation an Division 1 football program is and that money is no object..

Images from Ethan's spring/summer baseball season. He was on the Ogden Raptors and they made it to the championship finals before losing in a close game. Also, the team again participated in a youth baseball at Coors Field event where they got to parade around the field before a Rockies game.