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Blue Lake Hike and Moose Encounter


We hiked to Blue Lake in the Brainerd Recreational Area in the Indian Peaks Wilderness where we encountered several groups of Moose, including a large bull moose who forced us to retreat a bit before continuing on to Blue Lake.

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This large Bull Moose was staring us down before we saw him as he was on the "wrong" side of the trail up in the rocky area and away from the marshy area. He proceeded to make his way right toward us and kept backing us down the trail the way we came before he meandered back to the water. Though he was only being cautious of us, it was still unnerving and excitement blended with unease as he approached. After he finally crossed the trail towards the water, we relaxed and were able to observe him for some time.

After passing the same large bull relaxing by the lake, we encountered a mother, calf and a younger bull literally blocking the trail and forcing hikers to bushwack around them.