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   A Spring Day in Boulder...

These are images from one fine Spring Saturday here in Boulder, Colorado. The day started with Ethan's morning soccer game. The sun was out and the weather was perfect as it has been lately -- like crisp outdoor air conditioning. Ethan scored about eight goals, it got almost embarrassing. After the game all the kids sat in the wildflowers and dandelions eating their snacks in front of the backdrop of the Boulder Flatirons with the smell of evergreens in the air.

Ethan at Soccer

Ethan on a Breakaway

Ethan Showing His Moves


Brendan at the Game


Ethan with Soccer Ball

It was so nice, one could stay out all day -- so we did. Only two minutes away, we went to Pearl Street Mall for lunch. It was gorgeous, the flowers were in full bloom and dozens of photographers were snapping away with their tripod mounted cameras. We ate outside at the CheeseCake Factory listening to an excellent harp player/street performer.

Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street Flower

Brendan Pearl Street Mall

Ethan in Sand Box

Pearl Street Flowers

Pearl Street Scene

Pearl Street Flower

Street Performer

It was still nice enough to stay outside all day -- so we continued to do so. Only two minutes away, we decided to drive up Flagstaff mountain, one of the foothill/mountains which Boulder nestles up against. There, people were hiking, cycling, rock climbing and no doubt kayaking in Boulder Creek. We saw deer (pretty routine) and then we were lucky enough to see a Fox with three pups. Where else can you see a Fox and pups in the wild literally five minutes after dining at CheeseCake Factory? Finally, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside at home, enjoying our Rocky Mountain views.

Fox on Flagstaff Mountain

Mother Fox and Pup

A Fox Pup

Mother Fox and Two Pups

Overlooking South Boulder

Overlooking North Boulder

On Flagstaff Summit 


Flagstaff Summit View West


Our Backyard Panoramic