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Moab Camping


In late October we went RV camping in Moab, Utah with the Berghoffs, the Carlsons, John and Betsy and extended family.

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Driving into Moab on scenic byway 128 from I70 along the Colorado River...


Driving ATV and Can-Am vehicles on "Fins and Things" and "Hell's Revenge" near Moab. This is the official warning: "Due to hazardous terrain, it is recommended only for experienced drivers. It is not recommended for ATV's." Note, I am driving an ATV on my first time out. In fact, in two days, I was the only one crazy enough to ride an unstable ATV over these sometimes treacherous trails adding an extra fear and adrenaline factor.



Some images around the campground...


Mountain Biking the famous SlickRock trail...



Hiking in the canyonlands...

Snow on John's and Betsy's last day...