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Crested Butte Wild Flowers...

With all the spring moisture, this was a banner year for wildflowers in the Crested Butte area. The trip, did not disappoint as the wild flowers were amazing!

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The best wildflowers were found along Gothic Road, near the town of Gothic in the Gothic Natural Area. We also hiked up to Judd Falls, caught great views of Gothic Mountain and drove the spectacular Deer Creek Trail.

Town of Gothic - which mainly consists of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Wildflowers on Deer Creek trail...


View of Gothic Mountain...
Hiked to Judd Falls...


Some shots of the town of Crested Butte with "the Butte" in the background. Followed by an evening drive up Washington Gulch road...

Driving in Washington Gulch...


We hiked the Brush Creek trail which is on the other side of town where again amazing wildflowers and vistas were on display.



On the last day, we drove over Kebler Pass which is home to second largest living organism on Earth, the Aspen Grove on Kebler pass is a "clonal" colony meaning all trunks share the same exact DNA and a massive interconnected root system. After the pass, we hiked the Three Lakes Trail which as expected connects three lakes and features a nice waterfall.