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   Fun in the Snow 2007...

The first part of winter this year was the snowiest in nearly 30 years and thanks to two late December blizzards (each putting down 2 to 3 feet of snow) and a much colder and snowier January than normal, we had plenty of snow. And unlike past years where snowfall melts away in a few days, this year it was here to stay for a long while....
(Be sure to checkout the music videos of the boys skiing, and skating)

The kids still managed to have a blast with all those extra snow play days. We went sledding quite often around the neighborhood, but also occasionally to a large hill in Boulder. Sledding, despite being less glamorous than skiing or snowboarding, is genuinely fun. Everyone on the hill is having a great time. Its completely stress free and exhilarating. The kids also fashioned their own sledding hill in the cul-de-sac with the large mounds of snow piled up by the plows. These piles lasted a long time even after all the other snow had melted and were quite a hit with the kids.
"Suffering" the Blizzard
Snow Angel
Brendan in Deep Snow
Sledding in Boulder
The Boys and Jack Balsey
In Front of Boulder Creek
Bike Sledding
Kings of the Snow Hill
Grandpa Al and Brendan
Sledding w/ Grandpa Al
Enjoying the Ride
A Sledding Sunset
By mid-February the weather was back to our normal (mostly) mild and sunny winters. Spring came early and March ushered in beautiful warm weather. With the snow gone around Boulder, we frequently put away the bikes and scooters for part of the weekend and headed up to the mountains for glorious spring skiing. Spring skiing on a sunny and warm day is a little slice of heaven - highly recommended. Brendan became a skier this year and has been doing great. The boys have also really taken to skating and Ethan even started playing ice hockey.
Alan and Ethan at Copper
A Copper View
Sheila and Brendan at Eldora
Brendan Learns to Ski
(See the Video!)
The Boys at Eldora
Ice Skating
(See the Video!)
Brendan the Skater
Ethan at Hockey Practice
Ethan and Weston
Line Change
A Copper Ski Morning
Skiing at Copper
Ski Tracks
The Boys at Copper
(See the Video!)
Skiing at Winter Park
Neighbors at Winter Park
w/ the Long and Metzler kids
w/ Berghoffs and Majcens
(See the "Rawhide" Video!)
(D. Majcen)
   The Gil Family on a Lift
(A. Komarnitsky)
        Ethan Makes a Turn
(A. Komarnitsky)
              Ski Sequence
(A. Komarnitsky)
Catching Air (a little)
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