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   Summer with Janna (and more)...

Images of Janna's Photo Album and some other summer photos, including the neighborhood camping night and the boy's trip to Kueka Lake in upstate New York.

This summer we hired Janna, a CU molecular biology student, to watch the boys during the days. She was great - and the boys loved her. To commemorate the summer, she put together an awesome surprise photo album which we will enjoy for years to come. I have scanned in many of the pages (about half) for your enjoyment. Note that some of the rhyming passages may continue on to the adjacent image.
Images from our neighborhood camp out and from a trip Sheila and the boys took to see her parents at their summer cottage on Kueka Lake in upstate New York.
Neighborhood Camp Night
Ethan, Brendan & Friends
Playing Parachute Games
Ethan Peforms
Brendan at Sunset
Sheila Roasting Marshmallows
Brendan - Kueka Lake Beach
Leaving the Dock
Brendan Rows Out
Ethan and Brendan Rowing
Kueka Cottage
Ethan at Dusk
Sunset on the Dock
Grandpa Prepares the Fire
Kueka Beach Fire