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    Mid-Summer 2007...

Images from Summer including 4th of July in Grand Lake.....

The boys enjoyed another summer in the neighborhood and had a great time with Brianna who watched the boys during the day. Brendan tossed off the training wheels and learned to ride a "two-wheeler". Soon after he was buzzing around the neighborhood like a pro.
Brendan Rides a Two-Wheeler!
Look Mom, No Hands
Brendan Proudly Riding
Riding down Rockies Ct.
Neighborhood Kids
King of the Rocks
The Boys with Brianna
At the Park with Brianna
The Majcen's were again gracious enough to invite us to their Grand Lake mountain home for a wonderful 4th of July weekend where we (again) had a great time hiking, biking, fishing and boating.
Decorating for the Fourth
To the Bike Parade
Brendan and Jeffery
Boating on the Fourth!
Fighters do a Fly-By
Blackhawks do a Fly-By
Sheila and Donna
Jeffery Being Patriotic
Grand Lake Panorama
Sailing Grand Lake
Brendan Boating
Sheila Taking It In
Boys Hanging on the Tube
Ethan and Drew Tubing
Brendan Waves to Ethan
Ethan and Drew
Sheila and Brendan Tubing
Sheila, Brendan & Jeffery
Brendan in his Wetsuit
The Girls Lounging
Boating for Fireworks
Flying the Flag
 Happy Fourth!
Fireworks over Grand Lake
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