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    Spring Break 2008...

This year instead of traveling to a warm weather destination, we decided to stay in Colorado for spring break. We visited friends in Grand Lake for some sledding, snowmobiling and skiing at Winter Park. We had spectacular weather with loads of sunshine and blue skies. Its hard to explain the appeal of spring skiing on a beautiful sunny day and between the skiing and adreline rush of snowmobiling we didn't miss the beach at all.

Some images from sledding and snow play in Grand Lake... not to mention some fun in the hot tub.
We rented snowmobiles with our friend Dave and enjoyed an epic ride near the summit of of the almost 12,000 foot Gravel Mountain peak. Its hard to describe how awesome the ride was to the top of the mountain which featured miles of winding trails, open meadows, hill climbs and numerous stunning views. The feeling at the top was one of awe inspiring views combined with the thrill of accomplishment (even though it was not that difficult).
No spring break vacation would be complete without a couple of days of skiing. As mentioned earlier, spring skiing on a gorgeous sunny day is almost a religious experience. On one afternoon we closed down the resort, hanging out apres ski on a sun deck toasting the days experience. We also took in an Avalanche game on the last weekend of spring break where we got to see the first game in the return of Peter Forsberg.
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