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   Spring 2007...

Images from the first part of Spring 2007...

This year we traveled to Florida for Spring Break where we took in several beach days, visited family, and went to DisneyWorld in Orlando...
Clearwater Beach w/ Justina
Building in the Sand
Ethan the Sorcerer
Its a Small World
To Tom Sawyer's Island
Brendan drives the Grand Prix
Cypress Grand Hyatt
Grand Hyatt Pool
Hanging by the Pool
Playing Shuffleboard
Brendan and Grandma Gil
Grandma Kelly's Birthday
Ethan at Hamlin's Landing
Birthday Dinner
Sand Key w/ Alyssa Riveron
Back in Colorado the boys enjoyed their various school activties including their Spring Musical Performances. Ethan also played in his first ice hockey league while Brendan played soccer and enjoyed his first team sports experience...
Sock Hop w/ Thomas
The Three Cerditos
Brendan Lays Bricks
Brendan and Ms. Demler
Ethan Goes West
Going West! - Spring Musical
Ethan Performing
Go West Young Man
Under the Sea - Spring Musical
Brendan the Shark
The Shark Circles
Ethan Plays Hockey
Ethan Skates to the Puck
Ethan Giving Chase
Brendan's First Soccer Team
Warming Up
Brendan on a Throw In
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