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   The Rest of Spring 2004...

Images from this year's Spring, including early Spring days at the playground, hiking in the Boulder foothills, a trip to the Royal Gorge and Ethan's Birthday Party towards the end of Spring.

Brendan at our Playground

Ethan Swinging High

Swinging Low...

Neighborhood Rainbow

Hiking Boulder Mountain

South Boulder Creek

Ethan and Royal Gorge Train

Grandparents Kelly and Kids

Royal Gorge Water Clock (powered soley by water)

Royal Gorge Bridge - World's Highest Suspension Bridge

Over 1200 Feet Above Arkansas River....

Crossing the Gorge

Posing on the Bridge

Ethan Turns Four!

Brendan at Ethan's B-Party

Ethan Plays Dinosaur


Blowing out the Candles


Birthday Boy Crashes


Last Day of School - Mrs. Dickens Class


Last Day of School - Miss Michaels


At the Denver Zoo