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Skiing and Snowboarding 2013

Images from this year's skiing and snowboarding action at Copper, Steamboat and Winter Park/Mary Jane.
See the 2013 Ski Highlights Video!!!
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Copper Mountain Skiing - Skiing and Snowboarding at Copper Mountain including three days over spring break and featuring some nice shots from Copper's back bowls.
The view from our condo overlooking Keystone Lake (had to stay in Keystone due to late booking)...
Using the snowboards as sleds and sliding down the hill in front of Jack's after the lifts were closed

Steamboat Springs - In Feburary we met my sister Audrey, her boyfriend Jason and Justina in Steamboat for some skiing and riding. Sheila's nephew Kevin also came out and stayed with us.
Hanging out with Audrey's friends...

Winter Park and Mary Jane - Various ski days at Winter Park including a stay with the Berghoffs and some skiing with the Majcens.

Copper Mountain - Some images from the closing weekend at Copper Mountain (or so we thought, a couple of late snow storms allowed many ski resorts to extend for a few more weekends). Another fun ski season!