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   Alan's Photography...

This page is a collection of photographs that are a result of my interest in photography.

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 Colorado Neighborhood Kids


 School Calendar Shoot

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Boulder Country Day Calendar Shoot



 Florida Neighbors

The Riveron's- friends for Christmas Card 2002

Rachel Gershowitz - family friend for an Arbonne publication



Portraits - 7 Months

Portraits - 4 Months




 Ethan - Earlier Portraits

Black and Whites - 18 Months

Black and Whites - 7 Months

Color Portraits - 3 Months


 Ethan - Newborn


 First Portraits


The "studio" consists of strategically placing backdrop material near a window and then using the window blinds to control lighting. Given the crudeness of the setup, I am generally pleased with the lighting effects. Most of the images were captured with a Canon EOS 35mm SLR attached to a Canon EF 28-105mm or (more recently) Canon EF 85mm 1.8 USM lens. The black&white images were exposed on Kodak Tri-X or T-Max BW 400 speed film and the color images are typically exposed on Fuji Superia 400. Much better images would result using faster (tighter grain) and more expensive film, but that would require professional lighting and better lenses (although the recently acquried 85mm EF lens is quite good). Many of the older web images suffer a quality loss due to a poor scanning process and the fact that they were saved (for space reasons) at a low JPEG compression level.

Overall these photographs are quite mediocre. I attribute this to a lack of an artistic eye and inexperience with lighting and exposure techniques. To view really good amateur photographs, see the gallery images at: