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   More Summer Hiking 2004...

This page contains more images from this summer.... including beautiful shots of the Indian Peaks Wilderness area below.

In mid-August Jason and Marci Robertson visited us from Atlanta. Among other things we hiked Chautauqua Trail in Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoyed a day in Vail. Click on the thumbnails to see some of the best Rocky Mountain Park images yet.

Jason and Marci at Rocky Mountain National Park

Cloudscape at RMNP

Fallen Log and Valley at RMNP

Gorgeous View from Trail

Vail, Colorado

Brendan at Vail

Ethan at Vail


Ethan Goes Merrily Around

At a Vail Playground

Blue Skies at Vail


Ethan & Marci, a Vail Creek

 Ethan in the Creek

Sheila and Brendan


Brendan wants more M&Ms

Ethan and Marci - Footbridge
Here are a few pictures of a hike we did in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. The Indian Peaks are a group of prominent front range peaks that are visible from our home. The 75,000 acre wilderness state park area is located just 1/2 hour due West of Boulder. We hiked around Long Lakes, one of the many lakes in the area.

Indian Peaks Wilderness

Hiking - Indian Peaks

Brendan Hiking

Sheila and Ethan

Trail to Long Lake

Long Lake at Indian Peaks

Sheila & Ethan on Trail

Indian Peaks Stream


Ethan Poses on Log


Brendan's Turn