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   More Spring 2009...

Images from our first guitar performance and Ethan's birthday party on ice...

(Be sure to checkout the video of the Ethan performing Smoke on the Water)

At the end of May, Ethan and I performed in our first guitar recital at the Waterloo restaurant and bar in Louisville, Colorado with other students of our instructor Thom Sandrock. At this time we had only been taking lessons for about 3 months (though some self study had preceded the start of lessons), so it was quite nerve racking to have to perform in public. To make matters more stressful, Sheila invited half the neighborhood. Ethan rocked and I made it through (barely), but in the end it was a good time.
(See the Video!)
(Video of practice version)

Ethan turned 9 years old on May 29th and we celebrated his birthday with his friends at Boulder Valley Ice.