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    More Spring 2007...

Images from the latter half of Spring....

The boys enjoyed the annual Rockies Court Easter brunch and egg hunt despite some unexpected snow flurries! However, the weather was much nicer for the neighborhood wide Easter egg hunt which featured some fun games as well.
We also enjoyed a nice hike behind Boulder's famous NCAR (National Center for Atomospheric Research) building which was designed by famed architect I..M. Pei.
Having lived in the Boulder area for three plus years it was nice to find out there were still some hidden treasures to be found. NCAR features science exhibits for children and a beautiful nature trail which connects to other longer Boulder Open Space trails. Some lucky individuals get to work there and enjoy these views every day during lunch!
Easter on Rockies Ct.
Neighborhood Egg Hunt
Brendan Grabs some Eggs
Searching for More
Ethan Finds and Egg
The Hunt Wraps Up
Ready to Sack Race
Sack Racing
Ethan and Brendan at NCAR
NCAR Building
Hiking behind NCAR
NCAR Wildflowers
View from NCAR Trail
Ready to Explore
Intrepid Hikers
Brendan and Alan 
Another NCAR View
Sheila poses w/ Wildflowers
Aside from the normal neighborhood and sports activities, the rest of this year's spring featured Ethan's six year old birthday party and the end of school festivities.
Sugar Cube Pyramids at Giza
'You Tiger Now'
Ethan' 6th Birthday Party
Brendan and Jeffrey
Brendan having Water Fun
Ethan and Drew
Don and Lukas Mills
Under the Fall
Happy Birthday to Ethan
Brendan Graduates
Goofing Off with Felipe
Sheila and Brendan
Ethan's 1st Grade Graduation
Singing at the Graduation
Ethan and Mrs. Garvin
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