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Molas Lake Camping


From Fourth of July in Vail and a night in Grand Junction, we drove to Molas Lake just outside of Silverton for a fun three nights of camping with our friends John and Betsy (and Toot and Rob). Also see the incredible wildflower display on Lost Dollar Road earlier in the day.

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To get to Molas Lake we drove through the town of Ouray and then to Silverton via the Million Dollar Highway which takes you over Red Mountain Pass where we stopped for some quick pictures.


Images from our first day around Molas Lake and the campground...



A short hike around Lake Molas..



A moderate hike on the Colorado Trail starting from Molas Lake...



Another afternoon around the campsite post hike...


The next day hiked on the Colorado Trail starting at Little Molas Lake. This hike starts just past Molas Pass and offers views of the Grenadier Range to the east, the West Needle Mountains and Engineer Peak to the south and Twin Sisters to the west. West Turkshead Peak dominates the skyline to the north. During the hike we encountered a flock of sheep in the distance being driven across the valley.



Last evening on the Lake...







Town of Silverton and surrounding area off the Million Dollar Highway...