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Welcome to Ethan and Brendan Gil's Family Tree web pages. Though this project is currently in its infancy, it is my goal that these pages will someday be useful to my children as a guide to their past and as a directory of sorts to their living relations.

The immediate plan is to branch out as wide as Ethan and Brendan's second cousins on both sides of their parents. Then the plan is to go back in time as far back as is possible with their genealogies, though the project may quickly become unmanageably large.

There are numerous genealogical services available as well as software and standardized databases for handling this type of information. For now, I am doing this manually, though in time, I may develop some software that would generate these pages from a recognized genealogy standard database format.

There is an area at the bottom of each page intended for additional photos, i.e. photos during different stages of life, etc. If you see yourself on these pages and would like to contribute photographs or links, please email me. Your help will be appreciated.

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Current Index of Names (for which there is a dedicated page):

Gil, Aaron M. (1968- )
Gil, Adrian M.(1970 -)
Gil, Alan G. (1966- )
Gil, Albert R. (1935- )
Gil, Audrey A. (1977- )
Gil, Brendan A. (2002- )
Gil, Ethan P. (2000 - )
Kelly (Gil), Sheila E. (1967- )
Suarez (Gil), Ana W. (1941- )

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