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   Early Summer 2005...

In mid-May we moved to a new neighborhood located much closer to Boulder and work. After many weeks of hard work we had the house whipped into shape and were able to begin enjoying the cul-de-sac and overall neighborhood which is packed with children. Combined with a short and pleasant commute to work, the new move has resulted in a major quality of life improvement.
The New House
Brendan Rides his Bike
Ethan Riding
Look! No Training Wheels
Hiking Chautauqua Trail w/ Grandma and Cousin Justina
Brendan puts on Camelbak
Grandma w/ Justina
Slip and Slide Fun
Brendan Takes a Turn
Justina Splashes Down
Backyard Watergun Fun


Brendan in the Toy Box
Ethan, Sarah and Lucas
Riding on the Cul-de-sac
Ethan w/ Micheal, Megean, Katie and Sarah
Janna and the Boys
For more on the boy's summer with Janna, see the great photo album she created.
Images from a trip to Pikes Peak with Grandma Gil and the kids' cousin Justina. Pikes Peak is one of 54 "fourteeners" in Colorado with an elevation of 14,110 feet. Can you say Got Oxygen?

Near the base of Pikes Peak

Grandma Gil and Justina

Grandma Gil w/ the Boys

On the Summit

Top of the World

Braving the Thin Air

Half-way down Pikes Peak

Justina Rock Scrambling

Justina touches Snow

Justina On Pikes Peak Boulder

Grandma and Kids

Outside Cave of the Winds


Ethan inside Cave of the Winds

Grandma and Kids inside Cave