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   Diamond Lake Hike

Sheila's dear friend Juliann came out to visit us in August and we opted to take her on a hike to Diamond Lake which starts at the Fourth of July Trailhead past Nederland. The hike was spectacular, but unfortunately due to time restrictions, we were not able to fully make it all the way to the lake. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful hik and well worth it.

Getting to the Fourth of July trailhead requires a 4 mile drive on a very marginal dirt road and at the slow speeds required takes a bit of time, but it was an interesting drive.

Waterfall which we could hear falling all the way across the valley.

First little waterfall crossing our trail.

Second waterfall that required crossing.

This was a really nice waterfall that we spent some time at.

Here is a photo I found of Diamond Lake, but as mentioned we had to turn back before we got this far.
Another photo I sourced from the internet from the banks of Diamond Lake.
Brendan climbing a cool looking tree on the way back.

Back on the dirt road to civilization.